Nit-Picking in Movies

I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of this too, but it still gets on my nerves. You know what I’m talking about, those people who constantly say, “Dude, that plot hole was so big you could drive a truck through it!”. Unfortunatly, I don’t know what you’re talking about, as you say that about every movie you tell me about. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s definitely movies that have blatant plot holes and story errors that I question how they made it out of pre-production (Think Avengers, Hulk all of a sudden controls his powers before New York? What?). Granted I think it’s probably good to criticize these things, it forces screen writers to pay attention to these types of things in their next movies.

With that all being said, the people who complain about characters not doing the most logical thing in a movie, or something along those lines, yet still call them plot holes, is a little ridiculous. For instance, The Dark Knight Rises is often cited for this, the question being, after Batman escapes from the hole, he somehow ends up in Gotham hours later? The answer to this is simple, Gotham was supposedly under Bane’s control of weeks, if not months, before Batman returned… It was just an editing error if anything that caused this supposed, “truck sized plot hole”.

This can go the other way, however, this nit-picking can be super annoying, but it can also be hilarious.

This is a YouTube series I’ve been watching for a while, and one of the only ones that can get me to sit down for 10 or so minutes and watch the entire video. They’re just too funny. The idea is simple, and much like what I explained above. A guy with a pretty cool voice, and a little too much time on his hands goes through movies of differing ages and genres, and spots inconsistencies, plot holes, and logic failures for the entertainment of dorks everywhere. Honestly, this is exactly the thing I was saying was annoying, but half of the things this guy spots out are so minute that they’re funny. The reason I like them so much, is it lets me revisit a lot of the movies I haven’t seen in a while, but in a way that makes me hate them. In all seriousness though, they’re hilarious, and if you like them, there are literally tons… Like probably at least 5 days of pure viewing time worth. Enjoy.


Nintendo Characters on the big screen?

So apparently this is a thing someone somewhere thought should happen? The thing of course is taking Nintendo heroes, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc. and making an Avengers styled universe around them? I’m questioning all of this because even as a fan of Nintendo games I questioning in what setting this would work. I mean, it has to be aimed toward children, right? While it can be argued that comic book adaptations were marketed toward children, I’d venture to say that the darker tone of a lot of the movies refutes that, but like… what kind of dark tone can they take with a Nintendo movie? Will it finally be revealed that Mario is just a psychedelic drug user and the whole Nintendo universe was created in a depressed Mario’s mind to escape the harsh reality of his everyday life? Hopefully not.

Why is any of this even coming up though? Who is the someone in this equation? The reason I mentioned the Avengers earlier is one because the new movie comes out on Friday and I’m pumped, but two because the same man who arguably made the MCU happen, Avi Arad, will be focusing on this “Nintendo Avengers” after the superhero fad eventually dies down.

Whatever comes from this depends on if I will be excited for it or not… It could be kind of okay if done right, however I don’t see too much potential in this… But hey, I’m not the one making millions for ideas for a reason I guess.

Nuanced Jokes in childrens movies

One of my new favorite past-times is going back and watching movies I watched as a child and seeing all the sexual innuendos and adult humored jokes in them. They’re actually pretty rampant, which is disturbing, but also hilariously entertaining in it’s own regard.

Mind you, I’m not just going back and watching these movies by myself, that’d be weird, but as an older brother to a 5 year old who loves movies just as much as I do, I’m constantly thrown back into my childhood. Not gonna lie, I forgot how good Shrek was.

I kind of wanted to visit some of these and share a few of my favorites with you, as well as discuss their place in movies.

On to my favorites first though:

This is from the live action version of Scooby Doo. As many of you had probably figured out, it’s referenced that Scooby and Shaggy are both huge pot heads. From their hippy dress to their care free attitude and love of food, it’s hard not to get that impression. Beyond that is the most poorly hidden marijuana joke of all time… Mary Jane? Really? I mean I know Spider-Man got away with it, but putting it in a movie with a confirmed pot head… Well played.

Even as a child I knew there was something off about this scene, I knew “hoe” was a naughty word, and also the beginnings of a cat kiss didn’t help to hide the joke, but I never really got the full concept of it. This was actually the scene that inspired this post, as it made me think of all the other jokes I’d seen in film.

In case you were interested, this video is like a top 10, and I got a good laugh from it while doing looking for the other two.

What’s the point of these in children’s movies anyway though? Don’t they seem kind of misplaced. It is a movie directed toward children after all. There’s been outrage over some of the joke from more conservative parents, but honestly I find this to be kind of ridiculous. The first argument is that obviously as a parent they should mediate what their children see, if they don’t want their children to see obscure sexual references, then simply don’t let them watch the movie. It isn’t as if someone is forcing your hand, additionally, the jokes are few and far between per movie. While sure in the big picture there are quite a few, but per movie they’re very manageable (Maybe 1-2 per movie) and on top of that they make the movie semi-enjoyable for parents and older siblings. Don’t get me wrong, some children’s movies are fun to watch, they’re very involved and they have sweet story lines. By no means are they the Mona Lisa of the film world, but they’re still enjoyable. Ultimately it’s important to know that the movies were made by people who like dirty jokes just as much as the next guy. They made it into the movie in such a way that it doesn’t depreciate the actual value of the movie, so in that regard, its cool and funny. I enjoy them. 10/10

“Selma” could be coming to a high school near you

Race and racial tensions are probably one of the more hot button topics of recent decades. Arguably we’ve been seeing race issues since the early 2000s, however, within the last 5-10 years, attention to civil rights and racial tensions has been seen in America that rivals that of the 1960s. From Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown, the fact that racial tensions in America are still present is testament to the fact that something still needs to change. This country has gone through two major events that should have ended the inequality in America, however they have both (Emancipation/Civil Rights) failed to relieve the tension within America.

I believe one of the main problems in regards to racial tension is simply the  lack of education on the issue. Sure in our history classes we’re told of the horrors of slavery and the mistreatment of minority groups in America, but as is evident by the news recently, this doesn’t seem to be working. What else can be done to further this education to hopefully stop the unjust and plainly unlawful treatment of innocent black Americans? (Before anyone jumps to crazy conclusions, know that I realize that there are criminals out there who happen to be black, I’m not referring here to them, but instead to the blatant cases of injustice in American society)

I’m a strong supporter of placing just messages into the medium of entertainment. It ensures that information is widely spread, due to the massive popularity of entertainment and also that these messages are not only delivered, but also acted out. Recently, Paramount has decided to send every high school in America a free copy of the DVD version of Selma. (Just one copy?) Don’t get me wrong, I realize that was Paramount is doing here isn’t solely an attempt to promote the quelling of racial tensions, but instead to popularize their movie and also give themselves some pretty good publicity, but the fact remains that it is a good way to get this information in the hands of educators so they can plan a unit or something similar around this issue. And besides, who doesn’t want a movie day?

This isn’t the first time Paramount has tried something similar with this movie though. When the movie first released, Paramount gave out free tickets to any 7th, 8th, and 9th grader who showed their student I.D. at the box office. While this did increase the number of people who felt the stories message, notice how it was also a business decision. Kids that age more than likely won’t be going to the theaters on their own, by giving them free tickets Paramount hoped to get their parents to pay for their own tickets. While this isn’t that big a deal, I do find it sort of hypocritical, as if Paramount were really trying to promote racial equality, they would have provided free tickets to a larger variety of students, especially those in the High school level. I know for sure I would have seen Selma had I been given free tickets. Maybe this is just nitpicking on my part, as I’m still excited to see this step, as even though it may not be a leap, it’s still a step in the right direction.

Where Spider-Man Could have gone

With the Success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the creation of a DC Cinematic Universe, holders of other heroes rights have been wanting to capitalize on the success of these studios. This doesn’t exclude Sony who holds legal rights over Spider-Man. Before the deal between Marvel and Sony to let the web slinger join the MCU, there was an email leaked in the Sony hack that detailed a rough outline of where the Spider-Man franchise would go. The leaked email proposed multiple Spidey spin-off films that, honestly, could have been pretty cool.

Spider-Man: 2099

The first on the list was a Kraven spin-off film. Essentially it would task a Russian hunter, Kraven, with getting Spider-Man’s blood for Norman Osborn, which transformers him into the Ultimate universe Green-Goblin and has him and Spidey fight it out. It would essentially be a prequel to The Amazing Spiderman 2, and would end with Norman Osborn on his death bed as we see him in ASM2

Next was a Sinister Six movie which is pretty much the ultimate baddy club in the Spider-Man universe. This was the film everyone thought was coming next as it was alluded to in the ASM2 post-credit scene. This would see the primary bad guys from the Spider-Man universe team up to take Spidey out.

The one I would be most excited for was Spider-Man: 2099. It’s described in the email as Sony’s own personal Captain America story, except this version takes place in the future, as the name would suggest. That’s where the photo above is from… Doesn’t that look just amazing? I’m not too keen on my Spider-Man comics, but in the little reading I’ve done on it, it sounds pretty cool.

While there were others those three are the ones I thought were the coolest, and what I would have been most looking forward to. Unfortunately none of these ideas are set and stone, and half of them don’t even seem plausible with the new Sony-Marvel plan. While Sinister Six seems very possible, the fact that Marvel has a lot of creative control of the character now excludes 2099 from the equation, especially if Spidey plays a large role in the MCU as many people are expecting. It just wouldn’t fit in story wise and it may have been just too far fetched to become mainstream as other movies had.

While I’m ultimately sad that a lot of these ideas won’t become reality, I may be more excited for the fact that Spider-Man is in the MCU now. Either way, it will be exciting to see where this character goes.

My life in one (insanely adorable) video

So the fact that nearly every single blog this term has been including some mention to Star Wars is not just a coincidence. I’m a huge nerd and there’s a lot of news going on with it right now. If you’ve been living under a rock, the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer dropped the other day, and nearly the whole internet, including myself, imploded from the hype.

In case you haven’t seen said trailer: 

You’re welcome.

I kind of want to make this a pseudo-review, though the real reason I wanted to blog about this will be down later in the post.

To the review though: MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS

My God was this amazing. It gave everything I’d want in a good trailer. It advanced the plot of the movie only slightly, without giving too much away, it introduced new characters (or old characters), and it further set the tone of the movie. Apart from it being an overall good trailer from an objectionable standpoint, it just genuinely got me even more excited for the film that I already was. The little fan-service references to the Original Trilogy were in there (Darth Vaders burnt mask, the lightsaber Luke lost on Bespin, R2-D2 being nuzzled by a certain robohand). Most importantly though I got the feel from this trailer that Star Wars was going back to its roots. I somewhere heard it described as a “western” kind of feel, and that’s exactly what I’m getting from this trailer. I think that this is specifically emphasized in the last shot of the trailer. The Millennium Falcon flying through the exhaust of a downed Star Destroyer only to cut to the inside of Han Solo and Chewbacca standing there. Solo says, “Chewy, We’re home”. While this could have something to do with the plot (Millennium Falcon stolen?!?!) I think it’s more for the fans, and the crew assuring them that Star Wars is back to its original glory.

Anyway now onto what I really want to share. I found this video… It’s amazing and pretty much sums up my entire feelings right now.

So that was incredibly adorable, I know.

I can so relate though, how that little girl felt watching that trailer is exactly how I felt. Like I actually felt like a 6 year old girl. The part that really got me was at the end:


“That was Han Solo and Chewbacca”

*Heavy Breathing Intensifies*

Movies Theaters are about to get all of my Money

Summer is always a huge time for Blockbuster films. Students have more time to go to the movie theater, people are able to drive because weather conditions are nice, and the general feeling of fun is present in this season. This summer and even into the rest of the year though, will be very bad for my pocketbook. The amount of movies that I’m hyped for that are coming out these year is actually ridiculous.

Within the next two weeks Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out, there’s around $25 dropped on that, then a few weeks after that Tommorrowland drops, another hit to my bank account. Within two more weeks Jurassic World releases, minus money. Two weeks after that Ted 2 is out, and I’m finally old enough to actually go see Rated-R movies without a parent so there’s some more money lost. After that comes Ant-Man in mid-June, then perhaps accompanying a few of my female friends (read dragged at gun-point) to Magic Mike XXL a couple weeks after that… And finally wrapping up the summer in August with the latest reboot of Fantastic 4. Yea.. Goodbye money.

From then on out it’s calm waters with the occasional bump until December when Star Wars:The Force Awakens comes out, and I’ll undoubtedly go to that more than once… It’s going to be a mess.

It’s all okay though, right? I’m a working teenager with little to none monetary responsibilities. I can indulge on these movies all at once without too many repercussions. Might as well anyway, my time of limited financial responsibilities is dwindling, spend money while you can. I’d probably be the worst financial adviser in history.

Another thing though is how excited for these movies I actually am. Like, it’s unreal how fast my heart goes… This summer may give me heart problems in my future. Not only are we getting reboots and sequels of movies that by the looks of the trailers are looking good, but we’re also getting a few new movies that the producers had to step out of their comfort zones to make. Tomorrowland, for example, while not a new concept, is the first iteration of the idea on the screen, and frankly this is probably the only move that even comes close to my level of hype from Star Wars.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excited to see my bank account slowly drain this summer, but the amount of promising movies dropping in the next couple of months has me very excited.