Nuanced Jokes in childrens movies

One of my new favorite past-times is going back and watching movies I watched as a child and seeing all the sexual innuendos and adult humored jokes in them. They’re actually pretty rampant, which is disturbing, but also hilariously entertaining in it’s own regard.

Mind you, I’m not just going back and watching these movies by myself, that’d be weird, but as an older brother to a 5 year old who loves movies just as much as I do, I’m constantly thrown back into my childhood. Not gonna lie, I forgot how good Shrek was.

I kind of wanted to visit some of these and share a few of my favorites with you, as well as discuss their place in movies.

On to my favorites first though:

This is from the live action version of Scooby Doo. As many of you had probably figured out, it’s referenced that Scooby and Shaggy are both huge pot heads. From their hippy dress to their care free attitude and love of food, it’s hard not to get that impression. Beyond that is the most poorly hidden marijuana joke of all time… Mary Jane? Really? I mean I know Spider-Man got away with it, but putting it in a movie with a confirmed pot head… Well played.

Even as a child I knew there was something off about this scene, I knew “hoe” was a naughty word, and also the beginnings of a cat kiss didn’t help to hide the joke, but I never really got the full concept of it. This was actually the scene that inspired this post, as it made me think of all the other jokes I’d seen in film.

In case you were interested, this video is like a top 10, and I got a good laugh from it while doing looking for the other two.

What’s the point of these in children’s movies anyway though? Don’t they seem kind of misplaced. It is a movie directed toward children after all. There’s been outrage over some of the joke from more conservative parents, but honestly I find this to be kind of ridiculous. The first argument is that obviously as a parent they should mediate what their children see, if they don’t want their children to see obscure sexual references, then simply don’t let them watch the movie. It isn’t as if someone is forcing your hand, additionally, the jokes are few and far between per movie. While sure in the big picture there are quite a few, but per movie they’re very manageable (Maybe 1-2 per movie) and on top of that they make the movie semi-enjoyable for parents and older siblings. Don’t get me wrong, some children’s movies are fun to watch, they’re very involved and they have sweet story lines. By no means are they the Mona Lisa of the film world, but they’re still enjoyable. Ultimately it’s important to know that the movies were made by people who like dirty jokes just as much as the next guy. They made it into the movie in such a way that it doesn’t depreciate the actual value of the movie, so in that regard, its cool and funny. I enjoy them. 10/10


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