Nintendo Characters on the big screen?

So apparently this is a thing someone somewhere thought should happen? The thing of course is taking Nintendo heroes, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc. and making an Avengers styled universe around them? I’m questioning all of this because even as a fan of Nintendo games I questioning in what setting this would work. I mean, it has to be aimed toward children, right? While it can be argued that comic book adaptations were marketed toward children, I’d venture to say that the darker tone of a lot of the movies refutes that, but like… what kind of dark tone can they take with a Nintendo movie? Will it finally be revealed that Mario is just a psychedelic drug user and the whole Nintendo universe was created in a depressed Mario’s mind to escape the harsh reality of his everyday life? Hopefully not.

Why is any of this even coming up though? Who is the someone in this equation? The reason I mentioned the Avengers earlier is one because the new movie comes out on Friday and I’m pumped, but two because the same man who arguably made the MCU happen, Avi Arad, will be focusing on this “Nintendo Avengers” after the superhero fad eventually dies down.

Whatever comes from this depends on if I will be excited for it or not… It could be kind of okay if done right, however I don’t see too much potential in this… But hey, I’m not the one making millions for ideas for a reason I guess.


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