Where Spider-Man Could have gone

With the Success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the creation of a DC Cinematic Universe, holders of other heroes rights have been wanting to capitalize on the success of these studios. This doesn’t exclude Sony who holds legal rights over Spider-Man. Before the deal between Marvel and Sony to let the web slinger join the MCU, there was an email leaked in the Sony hack that detailed a rough outline of where the Spider-Man franchise would go. The leaked email proposed multiple Spidey spin-off films that, honestly, could have been pretty cool.

Spider-Man: 2099

The first on the list was a Kraven spin-off film. Essentially it would task a Russian hunter, Kraven, with getting Spider-Man’s blood for Norman Osborn, which transformers him into the Ultimate universe Green-Goblin and has him and Spidey fight it out. It would essentially be a prequel to The Amazing Spiderman 2, and would end with Norman Osborn on his death bed as we see him in ASM2

Next was a Sinister Six movie which is pretty much the ultimate baddy club in the Spider-Man universe. This was the film everyone thought was coming next as it was alluded to in the ASM2 post-credit scene. This would see the primary bad guys from the Spider-Man universe team up to take Spidey out.

The one I would be most excited for was Spider-Man: 2099. It’s described in the email as Sony’s own personal Captain America story, except this version takes place in the future, as the name would suggest. That’s where the photo above is from… Doesn’t that look just amazing? I’m not too keen on my Spider-Man comics, but in the little reading I’ve done on it, it sounds pretty cool.

While there were others those three are the ones I thought were the coolest, and what I would have been most looking forward to. Unfortunately none of these ideas are set and stone, and half of them don’t even seem plausible with the new Sony-Marvel plan. While Sinister Six seems very possible, the fact that Marvel has a lot of creative control of the character now excludes 2099 from the equation, especially if Spidey plays a large role in the MCU as many people are expecting. It just wouldn’t fit in story wise and it may have been just too far fetched to become mainstream as other movies had.

While I’m ultimately sad that a lot of these ideas won’t become reality, I may be more excited for the fact that Spider-Man is in the MCU now. Either way, it will be exciting to see where this character goes.


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