My life in one (insanely adorable) video

So the fact that nearly every single blog this term has been including some mention to Star Wars is not just a coincidence. I’m a huge nerd and there’s a lot of news going on with it right now. If you’ve been living under a rock, the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer dropped the other day, and nearly the whole internet, including myself, imploded from the hype.

In case you haven’t seen said trailer: 

You’re welcome.

I kind of want to make this a pseudo-review, though the real reason I wanted to blog about this will be down later in the post.

To the review though: MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS

My God was this amazing. It gave everything I’d want in a good trailer. It advanced the plot of the movie only slightly, without giving too much away, it introduced new characters (or old characters), and it further set the tone of the movie. Apart from it being an overall good trailer from an objectionable standpoint, it just genuinely got me even more excited for the film that I already was. The little fan-service references to the Original Trilogy were in there (Darth Vaders burnt mask, the lightsaber Luke lost on Bespin, R2-D2 being nuzzled by a certain robohand). Most importantly though I got the feel from this trailer that Star Wars was going back to its roots. I somewhere heard it described as a “western” kind of feel, and that’s exactly what I’m getting from this trailer. I think that this is specifically emphasized in the last shot of the trailer. The Millennium Falcon flying through the exhaust of a downed Star Destroyer only to cut to the inside of Han Solo and Chewbacca standing there. Solo says, “Chewy, We’re home”. While this could have something to do with the plot (Millennium Falcon stolen?!?!) I think it’s more for the fans, and the crew assuring them that Star Wars is back to its original glory.

Anyway now onto what I really want to share. I found this video… It’s amazing and pretty much sums up my entire feelings right now.

So that was incredibly adorable, I know.

I can so relate though, how that little girl felt watching that trailer is exactly how I felt. Like I actually felt like a 6 year old girl. The part that really got me was at the end:


“That was Han Solo and Chewbacca”

*Heavy Breathing Intensifies*


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