Movies Theaters are about to get all of my Money

Summer is always a huge time for Blockbuster films. Students have more time to go to the movie theater, people are able to drive because weather conditions are nice, and the general feeling of fun is present in this season. This summer and even into the rest of the year though, will be very bad for my pocketbook. The amount of movies that I’m hyped for that are coming out these year is actually ridiculous.

Within the next two weeks Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out, there’s around $25 dropped on that, then a few weeks after that Tommorrowland drops, another hit to my bank account. Within two more weeks Jurassic World releases, minus money. Two weeks after that Ted 2 is out, and I’m finally old enough to actually go see Rated-R movies without a parent so there’s some more money lost. After that comes Ant-Man in mid-June, then perhaps accompanying a few of my female friends (read dragged at gun-point) to Magic Mike XXL a couple weeks after that… And finally wrapping up the summer in August with the latest reboot of Fantastic 4. Yea.. Goodbye money.

From then on out it’s calm waters with the occasional bump until December when Star Wars:The Force Awakens comes out, and I’ll undoubtedly go to that more than once… It’s going to be a mess.

It’s all okay though, right? I’m a working teenager with little to none monetary responsibilities. I can indulge on these movies all at once without too many repercussions. Might as well anyway, my time of limited financial responsibilities is dwindling, spend money while you can. I’d probably be the worst financial adviser in history.

Another thing though is how excited for these movies I actually am. Like, it’s unreal how fast my heart goes… This summer may give me heart problems in my future. Not only are we getting reboots and sequels of movies that by the looks of the trailers are looking good, but we’re also getting a few new movies that the producers had to step out of their comfort zones to make. Tomorrowland, for example, while not a new concept, is the first iteration of the idea on the screen, and frankly this is probably the only move that even comes close to my level of hype from Star Wars.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excited to see my bank account slowly drain this summer, but the amount of promising movies dropping in the next couple of months has me very excited.


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